Boricua Boom: Can Puerto Ricans Become The New Cubans Of South Florida Politics?

Before Wynwood was the heart of hipster Miami, it was a Puerto Rican enclave. So Puerto Rican community leaders and business owners recently gathered there at Jimmy'z Kitchen for a campaign fundraiser.
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Elections 2016

Four WLRN Public Television's original productions are on the list of nominees to the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences' 2016 Suncoast Regional Emmy Awards announced on Tuesday. 

The Suncoast Regional Emmy Awards recognize excellence in television and the regions' leadership for their artistic, educational and technical achievements within the television industry. Entries are submitted from all over the region including Alabama, Louisiana, Florida, Georgia and Puerto Rico.  

Less than two weeks to go before the presidential election and with polls showing declining numbers in South Florida, Republican candidate Donald Trump reached out to the Cuban American vote while visiting Miami on Tuesday.

The federal emergency management agency, is urging Floridians with Hurricane Hermine and Matthew-related damage to file their flood claims.

When Florida voters look at their ballots for the general election, they'll see six names printed in the presidential race box. But there are an equal number of qualified "write-in" candidates for president. Names you've probably never heard before.

In case you needed more evidence of the toll this divisive campaign is taking on America, a new survey says more than a third of social media users are "worn out" by the amount of political content they encounter.

Authorities plan to destroy a helicopter-like aircraft that made headlines when its owner flew it on to the lawn of the U.S. Capitol in 2015 as a political protest.

The Vatican has issued new guidelines recommending that the cremated remains of Catholics be buried in cemeteries, rather than scattered or kept at home.

"Following the most ancient Christian tradition, the Church insistently recommends that the bodies of the deceased be buried in cemeteries or other sacred places," state the guidelines released Tuesday by the Vatican.

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio got booed off a stage in Orlando on Sunday, by a crowd that was overwhelmingly Latino.

It happened at Calle Orange, a street festival in downtown Orlando geared toward the city's large Puerto Rican community. The icy reception was an indication of the challenges that Rubio, a Republican of Cuban heritage, has faced in locking down support from Latinos in Florida as the state's Latino electorate has begun to shift to the left.

Rowan Moore Gerety / WLRN

“How long have you been in pain?” asks Nurse Marsha Eloi, sitting in a makeshift health clinic in Camp Perrin, one of dozens of towns visited by the wreckage of Hurricane Matthew earlier this month.


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Florida Broadcasting History

(10-24-2016) When Hurricane Matthew flirted with landfall at the tip of the peninsula this month, you probably tuned to a broadcast signal for information. On today’s Topical Currents we discuss Florida broadcasting history, via the book, Towers In the Sand, with its author, Donn R. Colee, Jr. The 1st radio broadcast station in the state was Tampa’s WDAE, in 1922. Miami’s WTVJ Channel 4 was the first TV outlet, in 1949. And WIOD Radio was founded by pioneer Carl Fisher, in 1926. www...
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