South Florida Arts Beat
1:00 pm
Fri May 2, 2014

Haitian Heritage Museum, Actor Jon Favreau, Miami International Jazz Fest, Florida Keys Calendar

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05/02/14 - Next time on South Florida Arts Beat, founder and Executive Director, Eveline Pierre, talks about ten years of cultural enlightenment at The Haitian Heritage Museum. Actor, writer, director and producer, Jon Favreau speaks with film contributor, Dan Hudak, about his new flick, Chef. The Miami International Jazz Fest takes off May 9th. Producer Arturo Campa shares his excitement with contributor Bob Weinberg. Chef Norman Van Aken dishes up A Word On Food and our Florida Keys calendar features Andy Newman. Catch the conversation and information every Friday on South Florida Arts Beat at 1:00pm.

Haitian Heritage Museum.

Jon Favreau speaks with film contributor Dan Hudak.

Miami International Jazz Fest

Florida Keys calendar and closing announcements.

Jon Favreau's 'Chef,' Trailer: