This Miami Life
12:00 pm
Fri October 26, 2012

South Florida In The Cross-Hairs: Charles Carter

Charles D. Carter
  • The story behind the program that build Nike missile bases around South Florida.
  • Where the Nike Army bases were located. You might be surprised to find there used to be one in your neighborhood.
  • The Russian-American cat and mouse game that played out in Miami. Also, where the soldiers would spend their free time.

October 1962 was life-changing for Miami native Charles Carter. Though he was only 16, he skipped school to go to an Army Recruiting Office the morning after President Kennedy's speech revealed Russian missiles in Cuba. Because he was underage, his parents had to give permission for him to enlist. Luckily, they did. And soon Carter found himself manning a missile site in the 'Glades -- one of four hastily erected around South Florida in the fall of '62 (pictured in above photos taken by Carter).

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