7:05 am
Mon February 27, 2012

'Flower Bombing' Is Growing Art

'Flower Bombing' has no blooms.
Kenny Malone

By day, Arlene Delgado is an ad designer who deals with things like web design, branding and logos.

But when the sun goes down, she sometimes turns into somewhat of an ad avenger.

The Miami native says she's been aware of ads around her all her life from the usual suspects - billboards, banners, murals, and bus stops.

But she wanted to turn the tables a bit by with words that aren't so commercial.

She points and then reads out loud one of her creations, inspired by a Tarot card.

'Judge fairly, speak truth and never waiver from your standards.'

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12:00 am
Sun February 19, 2012

Alvin Ailey Dance Director Comes Home To Miami

Robert Battle comes home to Miami
Carl Juste Miami Herald

On an icy night in late December, Miami native Robert Battle, the new artistic director of the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, saw his past and future come together in the heart of New York City.

After a year and a half of public grooming, of working alongside his towering predecessor, Judith Jamison, Battle was finally at the head of modern dance's most famous company, and in programming the troupe's annual five-week season at City Center Theatre, a major event in the New York dance world, he had made his real debut as director.

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