Election 2012

School Construction
10:00 am
Thu November 8, 2012

What A Makeover For Miami-Dade Schools Will Look Like

School construction and renovations in Miami-Dade schools can start as early as June 2013.
Credit jphilipg / FLICKR

Miami-Dade voters have approved a $1.2 billion bond referendum to improve public school infrastructure and access to technology.

Schools Superintendent Alberto Carvalho proposed the measure back in August.

Carvalho has said the bond would establish a "technology baseline" for Miami-Dade schools—so that all schools have at least a minimum number of computers, for example. 

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The Election
9:30 am
Thu November 8, 2012

Miami-Dade Ballot Count Continues

In-Person Absentee: A elections official checks a voter's signature before accepting her absentee ballot.
Credit Rick Stone

Miami Dade County election workers are expecting to finish processing absentee ballots sometime today. Then, they'll be able to tell President Obama whether he also won Florida on election day.

The bags of thousands of ballots are the result of a series of voting snafus related to high turnout and restrictive voting rules that persuaded hordes of local voters to vote absentee rather than wait in line, possibly for hours, at  their polling stations.

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Latino Vote
6:35 am
Thu November 8, 2012

Why The Latino Vote In Florida Went To Obama

Credit Jessica Meszaros

The Latino vote has been changing in the past few years in Florida, but it looks like it's mostly been shifting towards Democrats.

And looking at Tuesday night's results, that's particularly true.

For decades, Florida's Latino population has been its mostly Cuban-American residents in South Florida. As we all know, Cubans here lean Republican when they vote.

However, more Latinos of different nationalities are coming to Florida and are effectively shifting its voting trends.

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South Florida Voters
6:30 am
Thu November 8, 2012

Election Day: A Day Of Firsts In South Florida

Carlos Almeida (left), a 19-year-old sushi chef, was the first in line ahead of the 120 to 130 voters outside his precinct in Doral. He rode his bike to the polls at 3:30 a.m. because he didn’t want to wait all day on a recovering broken leg.
Doug Hanks

Tuesday may have been the second time Barack Obama won a presidential race, but Election Day was a day of many firsts here in South Florida.

We spoke to several first-time voters who were at the polls Tuesday. Some of the first-timers were young adults, finally old enough to vote in their first presidential election. Other voters were new American citizens.

Check out this slide show of first-time voter stories.

Voting Lines
3:27 am
Thu November 8, 2012

Fixing Long Election Lines May Be Easier Said Than Done

Voters line up in the dark Tuesday to cast their ballots at a polling station in Miami. President Obama said the long lines nationwide were something "we have to fix."
Wilfredo Lee AP

Originally published on Thu November 8, 2012 10:46 am

Although voting problems in Tuesday's election were fewer than some people had expected, there were extremely long lines at many polling sites; so many that President Obama noted them in his victory speech.

"I want to thank every American who participated in this election, whether you voted for the very first time, or waited in line for a very long time," he said, adding, "by the way we have to fix that."

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3:47 pm
Wed November 7, 2012

A Look At How The Election Played Out In Florida

Originally published on Tue April 9, 2013 10:22 am

Researchers at the Cleveland Clinic say the real problem isn’t the fat and cholesterol, but a little-known chemical called TMAO that shows up in the blood after someone eats red meat, the New York Times reports. It seems to be created by bacteria that live in our gut.
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President Barack Obama
3:42 pm
Wed November 7, 2012

How Obama Took The Battleground States

Obama supporters react as President Barack Obama was declared the winner Tuesday, during the Nevada State Democratic Party gathering at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas.
John Gurzinski AP

Originally published on Wed November 7, 2012 4:16 pm

The much-hyped battle for the battleground states turned into more of a rout on Election Day, as President Obama swept through eight key states and looked on course to capture Florida.

Swing states — Ohio, Virginia, Michigan, Iowa, Wisconsin, Nevada, Colorado, New Hampshire — viewed as tossups a day before the voting fell without much fight into the blue column. Only North Carolina went for Romney.

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President Barack Obama
1:36 pm
Wed November 7, 2012

For Obama, Vindication, But Not A Mandate

Obama has become only the third U.S. president to win re-election by a narrower margin than his first victory. Having won a second term, Obama will seek to set the nation's agenda on issues ranging from taxes to immigration, but he may continue to struggle in selling his ideas to Congress.
Robyn Beck AFP/Getty Images

Originally published on Wed November 7, 2012 5:37 pm

  • Special Coverage: Hour 1
  • Special Coverage: Hour 2

Winning matters. Having earned a second term, President Obama will attempt to build on and expand the agenda from his first, launching new initiatives on tax policy, education and immigration.

But having won the popular vote by a bare majority — and still facing a divided Congress — Obama may find it difficult to gather momentum for his policies.

Despite the close result in the popular vote nationwide, Obama wasted no time claiming vindication for his ideas. In his victory speech early Wednesday in Chicago, he tied his re-election to two centuries of American progress.

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Election 2012
11:12 am
Wed November 7, 2012

How Local Races And Ballot Measures Played Out

Voters across South Florida were faced with a number of unique decisions ranging from lifting ban on pickup trucks to allowing slot machines at Pari-mutuals.
Credit Arianna Prothero

The votes are not entirely counted, but enough South Floridians have spoken to call a number of county ballot items and local races. Here’s a roundup of some of the outcomes this morning.

Broward County

In Broward County, Democrat Scott Israel beat out incumbent and Republican Al Lamberti for county sheriff.

Democrat Stacey Ritter won a 3rd term as Broward County Commissioner for District 3 against Republican challenger Robert Sutton.

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Ballot Counting
10:50 am
Wed November 7, 2012

Officials Blame Absentee Ballots For Miami Dade Vote Count Problems

Officials point to long ballots as part of why the tallies are taking so long.
Credit Jessica Meszarros

Miami Dade elections officials are blaming absentee ballots -- and particularly their length -- for the county's ballot count hold-up.

Christina White, a spokeswoman for the supervisor for Miami Dade, says that the sheer volume of absentee ballots are to blame for the fact that Miami-Dade still hasn't finished counting ballots.

"Approximately 20,000 absentee ballots are being tabulated right now," White says.

All of the county's 829 precincts closed around 1:30 a.m. last night -- but the counting isn't over. 

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Election 2012
8:37 am
Wed November 7, 2012

Ballot Measures and Big Race Results

Bill Nelson won his third term.
Credit nasa hq photo/ Flickr


Big things happened with some items on the top and bottom of your ballot last night. First, 8 of the 11 ballot measures failed this year.

Only three of these ballot measures passed:

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Live Blog: Election 2012
8:12 am
Wed November 7, 2012

From South Florida's Polls To The Election Results: Get The Latest Here

Poll workers had their jobs cut out for them on Election Day.
Credit Dan Grech

8:27 Ballot Measure and Big Races

Here are some things that happened at the top and bottom of the ballot last night.

First, 8 of the 11 ballot measures failed this year.

Only three of these ballot measures passed:

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Garcia And Rivera
7:26 am
Wed November 7, 2012

Joe Garcia Wins As David Rivera Faces Down Ethics Charges

Joe Garcia won Florida's 26th Congressional District seat.
Kenny Malone /Flickr

Joe Garcia Wins

Democrat Joe Garcia convincingly beat incumbent Republican David Rivera Tuesday night to win Florida's 26th Congressional District seat.

Rivera lost by more than 10 points to Garcia. It was almost a perfect reversal from 2010, when Rivera soundly beat Garcia by more than 9 points.

After two failed runs for U.S. Congress, Garcia got some unconventional help this time around. His opponent, incumbent David Rivera, was the target of two federal investigations and was accused of ethics violations by the state ethics commission.

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Frankel And Hasner
6:32 am
Wed November 7, 2012

Frankel Wins Congressional Seat, Pleads: 'Let The Bickering End'

Lois Frankel won the race for Florida's 22nd Congressional District.
Christine DiMattei

Lois Frankel Wins District 22

From the moment Lois Frankel took the podium at the Embassy Suites Hotel in West Palm Beach Tuesday night, she kept it classy

“A few moments ago, I received a very, very gracious call from Adam Hasner congratulating me," Frankel told her supporters.   "He was a formidable and articulate challenger.”

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President Barack Obama
5:59 pm
Tue November 6, 2012

Battleground States Carry Obama To Second Term

President Obama walks on stage with first lady Michelle Obama and daughters Sasha and Malia to deliver his victory speech on election night in Chicago.
Win McNamee Getty Images

Originally published on Wed November 7, 2012 6:58 am

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  • Obama's Victory Speech
  • Romney's Concession Speech

Americans elected Barack Obama to a second term Tuesday, with the president capturing or on the verge of winning all of the key states that had been at the center of his hard-fought campaign against Republican Mitt Romney.

"Whether I earned your vote or not, I have listened to you," Obama said early Wednesday at a speech before thousands of supporters in Chicago. "I have learned from you. And you've made me a better president.

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