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Under the Sun
4:10 pm
Mon June 4, 2012

Childhood Memories And A Hialeah Landmark

A young Michael Alen posing for the camera.
Manuel Alen Jr.

Producer and Miami Herald multimedia journalist Michael Alen has long been fascinated with a strange building in the middle of Hialeah. Alen remembers seeing the building as a toddler on his drives home from Kendall with his parents. He remembers being awestruck, each and every time, by its rounded shape and how it contrasted with the sharp edges of its neighboring structures.

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Under the Sun
2:10 pm
Wed October 19, 2011

The Everglades Runs Through Their Blood

Frank Denninger considers himself a spokesman for the Gladesmen.
Trina Sargalski

The Jones family has lived in the Everglades for five generations. They’ve made their livelihoods in Mack’s Fish Camp, a spit of marshland that straddles the county line between Broward and Miami-Dade out west. They live among seven-foot alligators, painted turtles, blue herons and white egrets. They make a living fixing airboats, renting out bungalows and serving as guides for tourists and government researchers. They are known as Gladesmen.

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Under the Sun
4:56 pm
Wed August 17, 2011

The World According To Sound

A cruise ship sails by in the distance of South Pointe Park in South Beach.
Alicia Zuckerman

When you stop and listen to your surroundings, what do you hear? We take sound for granted because it’s around us all the time. But when you are forced to listen in a different way, you hear a different story.

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Under the Sun
3:11 pm
Thu July 7, 2011

All In A Day’s Work: A Man And His Mangos

Mangoes featured at the 2010 International Mango Festival at Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden.
Trina Sargalski / WLRN

It’s mango season in South Florida. Thanks to our humid climate and poor soil, this region excels at mango growing – only rivaled by Hawaii. The man who knows most about mangoes in Miami is Dr. Richard Campbell, the senior curator of tropical fruit at the Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden in Coral Gables.

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Under the Sun
1:22 pm
Thu June 30, 2011

Fugitives On The Run, Bondsmen On The Hunt

Diaz questions occupants inside a house in Homestead.
Colby Katz / Florida Center for Investigative Reporting

If you ever find yourself charged with a crime, a bail bondsman can be your best friend. When a judge sets bail and the defendant doesn’t have the money to pay, the bondsman posts the money in exchange for an upfront fee – usually 10 percent of the bond amount – and property as collateral. All the defendant has to do is show up to court.

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Under the Sun
1:18 pm
Wed June 22, 2011

American Fare At “La Vaquita”

Store manager Yoselin at the Palmetto Bay Farm Store.
Julia Longoria

Farm Stores have been a staple of South Florida since the 1950s, when the chain opened its first drive-through store in South Beach. Generations have taken advantage of its convenience, picking up necessities such as milk and eggs and treats such as ice cream. Today, there are 100 stores across South Florida.

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Under the Sun
1:08 pm
Wed June 15, 2011

Cuban Nostalgia For 3 Cents A Cup

Healingdream /

For many Cubans living in South Florida, the pre-Castro years in Cuba represent a golden era. Nostalgia for friends, family and yesteryear traditions can be felt at Cuban coffee counters across South Florida. One local business owner decided to take this yearning for tradition one step further by selling coffee for 3 cents, the price it was sold for in pre-Castro Cuba.

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Under the Sun
1:11 pm
Thu June 9, 2011

No Simple Answer To Bullying In South Florida

Arvind Balaraman /

Bullying is not a new phenomenon. It has been around for decades, but schools across South Florida are reporting that the frequency and severity of the incidents are getting worse. In the past year alone, a West Palm Beach student was attacked in math class and a Deerfield Beach middle school student slipped into a comma after being kicked in the head.

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Under the Sun
4:14 pm
Wed April 20, 2011

Walter And Edith, By Jeremy Glazer

Alicia Zuckerman

Jeremy Glazer is a legislative analyst, a former high school teacher and a Miami native. On his phone message, he has been known to identify himself as a “future hall-of-famer,” but he says he hasn’t decided yet which hall of fame or what his achievement will be. He recently finished his first novel and is looking for a publisher.

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Under the Sun
3:57 pm
Thu March 10, 2011

Letter From Key West: A Different Air

Sammy Mack

Journalist Frank Deford’s stories have appeared in Sports Illustrated, HBO Real Sports and NPR. He and his wife spend every winter in Key West, where Deford says he breathes in the island’s different air.

It’s very possible to dismiss Key West, as the British say, as just too much by half. I mean, you arrive at the airport and it says WELCOME TO THE CONCH REPUBLIC – and everybody is quick to let you know that Key West really isn’t Florida … which is to say: it’s too good for Florida, or, for that matter, too good for any mere state of the union.

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Under the Sun
3:20 pm
Thu March 10, 2011

Viewing Key West From The Front Porch

Sammy Mack

Journalist Frank Deford spends every winter in Key West with his wife. They rent a house, take long walks and breathe in the island air. Under the Sun producer Sammy Mack listens to Deford marvel at the view from his front porch, a relic of a bygone era. He loves the lushness of the island, so green and beautiful. To him, Key West is soft and peaceful. But above all, it is a warm escape.

Under the Sun
2:42 pm
Thu February 3, 2011

What’s Up With South Florida?: Shipwrecks In Biscayne Bay

Wreckers work the Alicia, which sank in 1905 on the way to Havana from Liverpool, England.
National Park Service

Inspired by the peerless film Sahara (starring Matthew McConaughey and Penelope Cruz), listener Michael Laas wondered about the treasure hunting possibilities in Biscayne Bay.   He submitted his question to us.

There are forty known shipwrecks in Biscayne Bay and hundreds more in the Keys.   Under the Sun producer,  Sammy Mack,  found out more about what lies beneath these attractive, but dangerous waters.

Lip Service
1:11 pm
Sat January 1, 2011

Six-Word South Florida Memoirs

“Man, she don’t speak no Spanish!”
(What I heard as I was getting checked out by one African American man and two Latinos while buying a cafe con leche in Hialeah.)
Tara Kray, Gainesville

Born and raised; a rare breed.
Mallory Colliflower, Hollywood

Best compliment: white boy’s got rhythym!
Marc Rabinowitz, New York City

My favorite place. Family, sun, ocean.
Elaine Cyr, Boca Raton

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Under the Sun
2:29 pm
Mon March 15, 2010

From Your Ears To Ours: The Tale Of Lot 180

Lot 180 salt shakers
Kenny Malone

In December, we originally aired “The Tale of Lot 180.” Producer Kenny Malone searched for the story behind  deceased Udavilla Rutherford’s unclaimed collection of salt shakers, held at the Florida Bureau of Unclaimed Property.

We received this comment from Carolyn Lane about  “The Tale of Lot 180:”

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Under the Sun
1:23 pm
Thu February 18, 2010

Episode 4: Chickens In South Florida

Michal Zacharzewski (stock.xchang)

There are some people who think that if a parrot is considered a pet, then a chicken should be as well.  They keep a small number of “domestic chickens” in their yards.

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